Judy is a recovering perfectionist, a problem solver and is deeply passionate about the planet on which we all depend. She is a wife, mother & grandmother to a loving family. Judy has recently embraced the suggestion that she is a “Badass East Coast Granny.”

As a military wife she has learned to adapt and earn her place in many different communities. She has lived and worked in five provinces across Canada. Judy has been volunteering since she was a child. She currently serves on the board of directors at the Mountains & Meadows Care Group.

Judy has served in the Canadian Armed Forces as one of the first women Airframe Technicians. She earned her bachelor of Computer Science degree from Acadia University and went on to earn her Masters of Computer Science from Carleton University, all while raising her family. Judy has worked on cutting edge high-tech software systems called Integrated Development Environments (IDEs); Software that other programmers use to develop software. Judy went on to found and operate four distinct businesses.

Judy was born in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley and now resides in Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley. Judy’s husband of over 39 years was born in New Glasgow Nova Scotia and the family returned to the Maritimes in 2014. Their son and his family, also returned to the Maritimes in 2020.

In 2018, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on Climate Change illustrated the grave state of our planet. Judy was inspired to make a difference. First as an activist with Extinction Rebellion, giving the Heading Toward Extinction presentations, from Yarmouth to Bear River, and then from within the system as a candidate for the Green Party of Canada (GPC) in West Nova during the 2019 general Federal election. Judy tripled the vote and earned third place, a first for Greens in West Nova. In 2020, Judy went on to the National stage, as a candidate for the leadership of the GPC during the Covid-19 pandemic. Fun times. So fun that Judy stepped away from politics in May 2021. You can read her resignation letter and listen to a podcast regarding the internal challenges that the GPC must overcome, if they are to be effective champions for the people and the planet.

During the leadership campaign, Judy was introduced to the Stop Ecocide International movement and in 2020 joined the Canadian Stop Ecocide team as a Political Liaison and Director. Judy and the Stop Ecocide team are building a movement and advocating with elected officials for their support of an amendment to the Rome Statute at the International Criminal Court (ICC). An amendment that would list Ecocide as the fifth Crime Against Humanity, alongside: Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and Crimes of Aggression. You can read the legally robust ecocide definition: commentary and core text HERE

Judy advocates for Stop Ecocide, Guaranteed Livable income (GLI), Doughnut Economic Model and protests for Net Zero emissions targets, sustainable forestry, a ban on open pen fish farms, as she continues to work toward concrete action to reverse the climate crisis.

Judy has contributed to several publications, including an Amazon International Best Seller and a book of poetry. She looks forward to spending more time writing and is currently working on a fantasy short story as well as a trilogy of dystopian novels, She plans to complete them over the winter of 2021/2022.

Judy is available for public speaking engagements and workshops.