Why is Judy Running for Leadership?

24 January 2019, Judy N Green announced her intention to run as a candidate for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada.


Judy did not plan a career in politics. Her background is as an airframe technician serving in the Canadian Forces, a software engineer/consultant and a small business owner. She comes from a family dedicated to community and public service. Both her parents served in the RCAF just after WW2. Her husband, of 37 years, served over 20 years in the Canadian Forces and their son is currently serving and posted to CFB Petawawa in Ontario. Judy has a long list of volunteer positions and currently serves as the First Vice President of the Digby & Area Board of Trade, a board member on the Digby & Area Community Health Board, a core Action Team member for Fresh Food Box Digby and is the Convener for the Green Party of Nova Scotia in the Fundy Shore region.

2019 - Election 43:

Judy ran her first political campaign in West Nova in 2019. It started in June with a registered Electoral District Association (EDA), the CEO - Clark Walton, $36 in the EDA bank account and no previous political experience. Judy jumped into the deep end of Federal politics, with both feet. She rapidly learned that she has good instincts. In October 2019, we came in third with almost 6000 votes, and attained 12.67% of the vote, improving on the previous best showing of 4.1%. We are delighted that Greens won the Student Vote in West Nova. Judy N Green's campaign team had raised $16,800 and created a dynamic core group of volunteers who are committed to growing the Green presence in West Nova and across Canada.

No, we did not win the swing riding of West Nova. We did however, put in place a foundation upon which we can build to win the next election.

The Aftermath:

After recovering from her 'Election Hangover', Judy just couldn't let go of the vision for a better future for her three grandchildren. There is so much still to be done, and quickly, with respect to the Climate Crisis (Mission Possible), sustainably managing our natural resources, eliminating poverty & homelessness, stopping corporate welfare, ensuring that the principles of UNDRIP are adopted and so much more. In general, creating a roadmap toward the vision of Canada that she shares with so many Canadians.

When Elizabeth May stepped down as party leader and assumed the role of Parliamentary Leader, it opened doors for many people. Elizabeth left a strong legacy and big shoes to fill. There has been much speculation as to who should lead the Green Party of Canada into the next election. We need a strong knowledgeable, compassionate leader who can put their ego aside in order to revitalize the party, win seats and someone who can hold their own on the national stage and in parliament.

Election Post-Mortem:

During many post-mortem discussions with Greens and volunteers, who worked on campaigns across the country, patterns began emerging. As a software engineer, Judy is trained to see patterns in data. These problems were merely symptoms. Symptoms many people were experiencing. As an aircraft mechanic, Judy is trained to trace the problem backwards from the symptom to the source. She did exactly that.

Starting the Grassroots Work:

Working with fellow grassroots Greens they came up with a proposal to share with and support our dedicated volunteers on Federal Council and our leaders. Then another group of Green members volunteered and designed a survey, to better capture the election experiences, so that Federal Council has the information they need to ensure we do not make the same mistakes. Mistakes are not a bad thing. Mistakes are the way we, as human beings, learn. We can only learn, and avoid repeating those mistakes, if we are open to honestly evaluating our performance. Recently, yet another group of grassroots Green members are working on better defining what it means to be a Green, through our Vision and Mission statements.

The Vision:

The Green Party of Canada is growing. As organizations grow, we need to reorganize, refocus and reconnect in order to move forward effectively.

It has become clear that Judy's life experience and training have built a robust toolbelt of skills and a perspective that are needed within the Green Party at this moment in time. Judy has presented several peer-reviewed papers on team building and managing highly effective groups, at international conferences such as Frontiers in Education, Java One, OOPSLA (Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages & Applications). Judy started her education in Commerce at Saint Mary's University, transferred to Honours program in Computer Science at Acadia University and completed her Masters of Computer Science at Carleton University, while working full-time at a high-tech start-up and raising her son.

This is Judy's Why:

Why she is dedicating the next eight months of her life to traveling and connecting with Greens and Green minded people across Canada. This is why Judy is looking forward to showing Canada how Greens do politics differently.

Next Steps:

Judy would love for you to join her on this journey. Please reach out to arrange for Judy to speak to Greens in your community. We need champions in each province to help with the logistics of traveling across Canada and visiting as many of the 338 electoral districts as possible. Zoom or video conferencing can also be arranged. Of course, all this will cost money. We will soon be setup to accept donations of cash, travel miles and time.

Judy looks forward to meeting you on this journey and moving the Green Party of Canada forward together.