Green Thoughts

As a small business owner, I know how valuable it is to keep your principle in the bank. The goal is to live off of the interest. In Canada, our natural resources are our principle. Our goal should be to use sustainable practices to ensure that we are only living off of the principle and ensuring that the interest-generating principle will be there for our children and all future generations.
Natural resources include: forests, fish and seafood in our oceans. fresh water, minerals, land for food production etc.

The earth is a complex finite system. We cannot continue to allow infinite growth in a finite system. It is not sustainable and only benefits a few, while destroying the future for the rest.

If profit is made by destroying the earth or its peoples, that business is engaged in predatory practices. If the business knowingly continues to engage in these predatory practices, ignoring the consequences of their actions … they are engaging in predatory delay. It is possible to make a comfortable living and ensure that your employees and community are well taken care of.

Divisive language that pits one side against another is meant to divide us and have us fight amongst ourselves. It does not serve us as a nation. Look for the common goal!
For example: the environmentalist is often pitted against those who depend on jobs. The truth is that if we do not sustainably manage our fishery and forestry there will be no jobs in those industries. Those working the front-lines know this better than most. This is why the front-line workers must work with the environmentalists and scientists to ensure that the stocks of the resources being harvested will be there in future.